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Taylor Light Co. Ltd. is a London based, high end photographic retouching studio, specialising in image manipulation and grading for still and motion camera based media.

Founded in 2005 by Robert Taylor, the studio has garnered an outstanding reputation amongst some of the world's most dynamic and creative photographers, art directors and advertising agencies, along with influential fashion houses, record companies and motion picture studios.

Our depth and breadth of experience allows us to consistently and confidently produce a beautiful standard of finished imagery from some of the most demanding briefs to meet the visual requirements of our clients.

We firmly believe in the value of collaboration and communication between our studio and client, whilst emphasising the exacting craftsmanship of our retouchers on every project we undertake. These core values are what generate long term relationships with our clients that in most cases last many years, and develop into a meaningful partnership of creative and imaginative output that is inspirational and exciting.

We take our work very seriously and that is further reflected in the equipment and software we use, all the latest versions of Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere and Capture One. Our computers are all powerful Mac Pro's and our monitors are all Eizo Color Edge Displays, (for the most accurate representation of the widest RGB colour gamut of Adobe 1998), to make ready files for conversion to various CMYK output profiles on the GMG rip to Epson proofers.

It is important to us that the work we produce is precise, beautiful, rich, and above all else, to deliver a level of quality that our clients and ourselves are highly proud of.